In 2019 the vision of building a very unique fashion brand was born. The vision was to not only to empower businesswomen with simple, unique designs and high-quality, sustainable fabrics, but also to foster a community, a place where their customers could network and collaborate with each other, support their careers and pursue their dreams. It was the beginning of a unique story – creating fashion to empower.

We carefully chose a group of exceptional and inspiring individuals to be part of the NORT journey from the beginning. We strongly believe that a diverse group of collaborative thought leaders will further empower NORT and its customers to their goals. Just like the north star, our NORT Stars are our guides, for our brand reach and also for our talented clientele of businesswomen who are on their own professional journeys.

"A perfect dress is like a beautiful armor for me. It makes me feel invincible."
Ana Maria Montero | Broadcast Journalist and Moderator
"The clothes I wear have a direct impact on my daily mood. If they make me look great and I feel comfortable I feel full of energy and being able to make a difference."
Jennifer Picenoni | General Counsel
"Wearing a comfortable but nevertheless shiny dress makes me feel happy and confident."
Christine Schmid | COO
"I love wearing a dress with a simple design, a beautiful color or pattern and made of high-quality fabrics. It makes me feel confident."
Robin Errico | Chief Risk Officer & Diversity Inclusion Leader
"You know the feeling when you step into a room and the mood changes to something full of warm smiles and bright lit eyes! Part of making that kind of entrance is about bearing the right wrapping!"
Mette Skjold Rotbøll | Decision-maker at Vigil Thinking AG
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Our fashion, our customers, our employees and our environment are precious and valuable. We use high-quality fabrics and place a high value on sustainability. Our clothes are produced in Europe. Our supplier promotes environmental protection through integrated water, energy and waste management, promotes and encourages safety at work, and encourages the professional development and personal fulfillment of all their employees. Furthermore, our products are valuable. As such, we will soon make them available for secondhand reselling on our NORT circle platform allowing our customers to get in touch with like-minded NORT lovers and buy and sell NORT fashion.

We believe in the power of simplicity in everything we do. We focus on simple design – with precious details.  Furthermore, we optimize all our processes in a simple and easily accessible way. In everything we do we focus on the needs of our customers.

Our fashion, our customers and our employees are full of power and energy. Our customers are in the spotlight not because of the clothes, but with the support of the clothes. It’s all about them and what they have to say. We are convinced that collaboration among people with different perspectives generates more impactful solutions. We empower women through our fashion and our network to collaborate.



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We stand for collaboration and diversity and love to work with companies that share our values. Here are some of the companies we work with.
Are you interested in collaborating with us? Then let's talk. Send us an email to mail@nort.swiss.
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