In 2019 the vision of building a very unique fashion brand was born. The vision was to not only to empower businesswomen with simple, unique designs and high-quality, sustainable fabrics, but also to foster a community, a place where their customers could network and collaborate with each other, support their careers and pursue their dreams. It was the beginning of a unique story – creating fashion to empower.

We carefully chose a group of exceptional and inspiring individuals to be part of the NORT journey from the beginning. We strongly believe that a diverse group of collaborative thought leaders will further empower NORT and its customers to their goals. Just like the north star, our NORT Stars are our guides, for our brand reach and also for our talented clientele of businesswomen who are on their own professional journeys.

NORT | Customer Feedback

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NORT | fashion to empower

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NORT | Networking Events

Our goal is to connect businesswomen with each other so they can expand their network and advance their careers. That’s why we host several business events throughout the year where young talents can share ideas with successful businesswomen.

We have a great network of successful people – we call them NORT stars. They help us develop our brand and support young talent to achieve their professional goals.

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Robin Errico NORT Star

I love wearing a dress with a simple design, a beautiful color or pattern and made of high-quality fabrics. It makes me feel confident.

Robin Errico

Chief Risk Officer and Diversity & Inclusion Leader

We Support Girls Education

 With every purchase you support 10 days of girls’ education with Room to Read. Room to Read is a leading non-profit focused on girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa. We strongly believe global change starts with educated children.

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